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This is one of the best snowboards on the market.

Geisha Pride is probably one of the best snowboards on the market.

This is a perfect example of how to convert design and technology into feelings. All the best materials and the best technologies available in the snowboard industry have been included in this premium snowboard with the only aim of making you happy.

The result is a snowboard that performs well whether in in parks or on the mountain, for both beginners and PROs. This board will take you to the highest level. You will enjoy more, learn more and do more than ever before.

This is the snowboard that will make you dream more.


Available in 140cm, 145cm, 150cm and 155cm with medium hard flex.


This board has the following Geisha Snowboard Technologies:


All our boards use this top quality base from Germany. There is no better base for this kind of snowboards. You will enjoy their speed and scratch proof capabilities. We use Biaxial Fiber on top part of the sandwich and Triaxial Fiber in the bottom in all our boards. This technology brings you better durability and smoother torsion for radical jibes control. Dual Carbon is the PROs choice. Together with Geisha Honeycomb Technology brings the extra precision in all situations, extra flex reaction and more durability for extreme jump landings.
Some inserts of this nature-invented material brings extra lighting and better flex to the board. Ride naturally, get more control and easily take a new step on your tricks! Not all the wood cores are the same. Geisha top quality poplar wood bring lightness, shock absortion and, together with our carbon combination, great flex and durability. Geisha exclusive twin shape works perfectly for both directional and bi-directional riders. If you ride directional you just have to put your biddings in the inserts closer to the tail. Our shape will do the rest.
  Our hybrid design (camber - rocker - camber)  is probably the best bend ever created  for a snowboard. It offers you the best of all worlds. Speed, control and easy riding. Perfect for beginners, made for PROs.  
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